Love It !!! Great Attachment. It was the first attachment I bought for the Kubota. I gave the original bucket to my hunting club.......almost useless.


L Tourney,  6/13/17

My Demo-Dozer is the most used attachment on the farm. I can move rocks, tree's, dirt or supplies. The split hydraulic fingers can pickup rocks and odd sized things. This bucket is worth it's weight in gold. I have owned it for six years. Also purchased a second Demo-Dozer for

​another machine.

​Hugh Joyce.

James River Air Conditioning  Co.

What our Customers have to say.

John Waddington jr

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Demo-Dozer Attachments LLC not only sells the unit we invented and holds the patents on, but we have used the Demo-Dozer for years with great success. Please feel free to call us for any questions you may have about the Demo-Dozer.

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 Demo-Dozer The Best Grapple Attachment Period !

Having 35 years in manufacturing and program management at Lockheed, I'm aware a Masters in Engineering and Process Optimization doesn't mean squat until folks get their hands dirty and their knuckles bloody. Fortunately, I like to get dirty, and yep, I seem to bleed more than most folks.
From those perspectives, I can attest to your design viability as well as your fabricator's execution. There's simply no academic education that can be substituted for design evolution based on actual application..."street smarts and common sense " is what Grandad termed it...   and in this case, you nailed it.

​Paul, Texas  11/9/2016

John: I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful attachment! I have a small company in Peoria,Arizona doing everything from landscape demolition, grading,hauling,concrete demolition,ect. I no longer need to haul around several buckets on my trailer. I run a S300 Bobcat and purchased the 72 " Demo-Dozer. The grapple is far more productive and has separated itself from any other grapple I have used. First of all it spans the entire bucket so you don't have to have the object you are grabbing lined up over the grapple. This makes it easy for any operator to use. It has also reduced cleanup time on our landscape demolition jobs. Typically, we remove everything from a yard and separate the spoils in two piles in the street. One inert pile and another pile with trash and other trees, shrubs ect. With other buckets, when you get down to the last little bit you need to spend alot of time shoveling and sweeping to get the last bit cleaned up. With the Demo-Dozer, I can push the debris in the street toward the curb. Once it comes in contact with the curb, I can close the grapple and it pretty much grabs every last bit basically leaving no mess behind. I have been able to cut my labor force and cut my labor costs, increasing my gross monthly profit by about 30% in the first month. A truly wonderful machine and worth every penny !

Jeff Nieman, Peoria Arizona

DeCarlo Demolition is  family owned and operated since 1945, a third generation demolition contractor providing complete industrial, commercial and residential demolition services in central Iowa. A leader in conventional and explosive demolition. The demolition teams at DeCarlo demolition utilize the Demo-Dozer everyday! They say it saves them time and money on job sites, not having to switch out attachments.One tool does it all!

I bought a Demo-Dozer two years ago and it is the best attachment ever made for a skid loader, when my Deere 320 leaves the yard you can bet the farm the Demo-Dozer is on the trailer, I have punished that bucket for years clearing wooded lots and demolition work then grading out the area it never quits. Thanks for making me more money with no down time and not having to have several buckets to do 1 job, by the way do you need a dealer on the east coast?  Mine is the only one I've seen in Maryland and Delaware, but I guess that is a good thing for me, nothing compares to that bucket !


Josh Jewell

President Jewell Services  6/29/09

John: I use it nearly everyday, it is the handiest attachment you can own.

D. Allen, AL 10/7/17

More efficient? ABSOLUTELY!
I love this bucket.
The job I'm on has very little room and only a small path to get to the house, I already loaded up 90 cubic yards and that was from the house alone, we still have garage, sheds, pole barns and the yard to clean up. The house is about 200 yards away from where I could park the trailer. I have my guys just dumping the crap out of the windows, doors, deck, etc.. and I am just scooping and dumping. The only other way you could do it would be to haul everything out 1 trashcan at a time and probably 4 days labor with 3 guys. We did it in a day with me in the machine and 2 laborers.

James H.
September 22,2016

John:   I did this stone job yesterday. It was at least a 1/4 mile down to the lake, with three switch back turns, it took me 6 hours to place 40 tons of rip rap. With a normal GP bucket it would have taken 20 hours, lol, due to the stone falling out of the bucket on the way down the hill. I couldn't have been happier with the Demo-Dozer.

​Matt Young,  6/13/14


​Just a short note on how we are getting along with the Demo-Dozer we purchased three years ago now. We have a row crop and livestock operation. I bought the Demo-Dozer to double as a brush piling bucket and dirt bucket. Using the bucket on a 450Ct case we have used the bucket almost daily.

​Found it to be great for fencing, grading roads, opening up terraces, removing old buildings and concrete foundations, logging timber and hedge posts ect. In doing all these jobs we have yet to spring the jaws or the cutting edge. You've done a great job in engineering this bucket.

Thanks Again, Craig Mentzer  7/7/09

 Don't buy 6 to 8 attachments get Demo-Dozer. The Handiest attachment you can own, Period !

Call or Text ​408-375-2809  -  Email

The Demo-Dozer is pure power at your fingertips, if the landowner knew how much fun I was having he would be charging me.The Demo-Dozer is awesome. I think it and the Bucket does it. Amazing. 
Brian C, Florida 10/15/16

I am enjoying the Demo-Dozer very much. Extremely well built. It works well on tractors as you can see. I use it to pull out invasive shrubs. I am so glad I found your Demo-Dozer before I made the mistake of buying a standard grapple bucket. I am glad you invented it. As long as I own a tractor the Demo-Dozer will be part of my equipment.

Leroy Jansen  5/24/14

​I am 57 and similar to a shop-vac, electric toothbrush and an iPad, I wish I had known how great a tool the Demo-Dozer was from the beginning. A well kept secret.....

​In a few weeks I have:

​moved very heavy objects...doors, windows, 
weeds, brush, logs, awkward 10 foot kennel fences
garbage to the dumpster, 
_situated_ the dumpster, 
clamped on things as small as a cornstalk, garden stake, fence stake
bull dozed my entire corn snow fence in minutes, at 2 a.m. with the music cranked. I liken that night (3 hours) with the Demo-Dozer with tunes, as equivalent to my dream trip to my father's homeland. Same price. But priceless work done.
Thank you John Waddington  (and the heavy equipment forum--for introducing me to this product via an upstate New York member). I am constantly brainstorming for what I can use it for next. Maybe a 1910 dairy barn?

​Northern Illinois, June 7 2015