Now any of the TM SkidSplitter models can be mounted to your excavator. Get the strength and speed of a TM splitter, with the added control and precision of your excavator.

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Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc. products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of (6) months from initial sale.

 Items not covered
This warranty does not cover normal wear items, including but not limited to, hoses, ground engaging parts such as, cutting edges.
This warranty does not cover maintenance, service or adjustments,
does not cover damage due to misuse, negligence, accidents, or improper maintenance. does not cover damage due to improper application, installation, adjustment or setup, does not cover improper modifications of product,
warranty is void if any components have been modified.
does not cover replacement parts not supplied by Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc.

Warranty Statement
Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc. obligation under this Limited Warranty is  to repairing or replacing any part (see non-covered items) free of charge that, according to our judgment, show evidence of a defect in quality of workmanship or materials for the stated (6) month warranty period. All defective parts will be routed by Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc with freight or delivery charges to be prepaid to the manufacturer. This Limited Warranty shall not be interpreted to render liable Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc any injury or damage to persons, business or property of any kind nor expenses or losses incurred for labor, supplies, substitute machinery rental, or for any other reason. Repair or replacement parts are subject to the availability at the time of repair or replacements, which may directly affect our ability to obtain material and/or replacements parts. . Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc the right to make changes  in design or changes in specifications at any time without incurring any obligations to owners of previously purchased units. No one but  Demo-Dozer Attachments Llc. is allowed to alter, modify or enlarge this warranty nor the exclusions or limitation at any time.

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​​What makes us a better choice for you?

1) Demo-Dozer combines 6 to 8  attachments.

​2) Demo-Dozer reduces the need for laborers, which translates to, less workers comp and payroll taxes.

3) Demo-Dozer improves production on projects with quicker completion times and less time in and out of the tractor.

4) Demo-Dozer saves time with fewer attachment changes or attachment purchases.

5) Demo-Dozer's high quality and design has been built for speed and efficient production.

Model               Stroke    Cylinder    Weight
Pro Series 24     24"        4"              800 lbs
Pro Series 30     30"        4.5" or 5"   900 lbs
Pro Series 36     36"        4.5" or 5"   1000 lbs

Floor Removed exposes a Root Grapple

The TM Pro 2 Splitter (patent pending) revolutionizes splitting wood. You can now buy one splitter and reap the benefits of a variety of different splitting wedge configurations. At TM Manufacturing we specialize in speed, and with single, 4-way, and 6-way splitting heads, nothing is faster than the Pro 2. If the standard splitting heads aren't enough for you, contact us and we'll make you a custom splitting head that is perfect for your project.

Optional Rock Bucket insert, when   installed closes the tine gap from 6 inches to three, converting the floor into a rock bucket.

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Demo-Dozer Standard features:

1) Removable Side Plates

2) Recessed Grease Zerks

3) Tool Receivers: 

4) Two Chain Hooks and Pins

5) Hoses, Couplers

*   60      1015 Lbs.    Two Receivers

*   66      1068 Lbs.    Two Receivers

​*   72      1136 Lbs.     Four Receivers

​*   78      1215 Lbs.     Four Receivers

*   84      1290 Lbs.     Four Receivers 

The Skidsplitter  Pro Series 

Recessed Grease Zerks

Demo-Dozer Removable Floor hurricane storm cleanup

Demo-Dozer Removable Floor features:

1) Removable Side Plates

2) Recessed Grease Zerks

3) Tool Receivers: 

       * 2 Receivers in the 60, 66 inch

       * 4 Receivers in the 72, 78, 84 inch

4) Two Chain Hooks and Pins

5) Hoses, Couplers


The Warrior Series splitters are designed for residential and light commercial use, and are TM's most affordable splitters.

The TM warrior 30" is available with a 2 stage single split wedge and/or a four-way wedge. With a faster cycle time and a smaller wedge than the HD and Pro series splitters, the warrior is ideal for splitting your wood into smaller pieces. You can remove the four-way splitting wings and split the big rounds. This model is made for splitting logs small enough for a fireplace or indoor wood stoves.


Model               Stroke           Cylinder             Weight
Warrior 30           30"                  4"                    550 lbs

The StandardDemo-Dozer  for Storm and Hurricane cleanup.

The TM Heavy Duty is the same as the TM Pro Series, minus the viewing window. It's designed to be fast at splitting big ugly rounds into pieces you can handle.


Model                   Stroke        Cylinder          Weight
Heavy Duty 30        30"          4.5" or 5" ~     800 lbs
Heavy Duty 36        36"          4.5" or 5" ~     900 lbs

​Tool Receivers

Chain Hook

 Don't buy 6 to 8 attachments get Demo-Dozer. The Handiest attachment you can own, Period !

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​​​Floor Installed

Demo-Dozer reserves the right to change all colors , decals and design at anytime without notification.

 Demo-Dozer The Best Grapple Attachment Period !