​Tool Receivers

More efficient? ABSOLUTELY!
I love this bucket.
The job I'm on has very little room and only a small path to get to the house, I already loaded up 90 cubic yards and that was from the house alone, we still have garage, sheds, pole barns and the yard to clean up. The house is about 200 yards away from where I could park the trailer. I have my guys just dumping the crap out of the windows, doors, deck, etc.. and I am just scooping and dumping. The only other way you could do it would be to haul everything out 1 trashcan at a time and probably 4 days labor with 3 guys. We did it in a day with me in the machine and 2 laborers.

James H.

September 22,2016

The Best Skid Steer Grapple Bucket Attachment Period! Combines six attachments all in one unit.


The StandardDemo-Dozer 

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Floor Removed exposes a Root Grapple

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This warranty does not cover maintenance, service or adjustments.
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​​What makes us a better choice for you?

1) Demo-Dozer combines six or more attachments.

​2) Demo-Dozer reduces the need for laborers, which translates to, less workers comp and payroll taxes.

3) Demo-Dozer improves production on projects with quicker completion times and less time in and out of the tractor.

4) Demo-Dozer saves time with fewer attachment changes or attachment purchases.

5) Demo-Dozer's high quality and design has been built for speed and efficient production.

Rock Bucket insert, when   installed closes the tine gap from 6 inches to three, converting the floor into a rock bucket.

​​​Floor Installed

Demo-Dozer Removable Floor

Chain Hook

The Demo-Dozer is pure power at your fingertips, if the landowner knew how much fun I was having he would be charging me.The Demo-Dozer is awesome. I think it and the Bucket does it. Amazing. 

Brian C, Florida 10/15/16

I was able to rip this Popcorn Tree out of the ground and move it to the burn pile. The Demo-Dozer is unbelievable, what you can do with it is limited only by your imagination.

Brian C , Florida

Demo-Dozer reserves the right to change all colors , decals and design at anytime without notification.

Demo-Dozer Standard features:

1) Removable Side Plates

2) Recessed Grease Zerks

3) Tool Receivers: 

4) Two Chain Hooks and Pins

5) Hoses, Couplers

*   60      1015 Lbs.    Two Receivers

*   66      1068 Lbs.    Two Receivers

​*   72      1136 Lbs.     Four Receivers

​*   78      1215 Lbs.     Four Receivers

*   84      1290 Lbs.     Four Receivers 

Recessed Grease Zerks

Having 35 years in manufacturing and program management at Lockheed, I'm aware a Masters in Engineering and Process Optimization doesn't mean squat until folks get their hands dirty and their knuckles bloody. Fortunately, I like to get dirty, and yep, I seem to bleed more than most folks.
From those perspectives, I can attest to your design viability as well as your fabricator's execution. There's simply no academic education that can be substituted for design evolution based on actual application..."street smarts and common sense " is what Grandad termed it...   and in this case, you nailed it.

​Paul, Texas  11/9/2016

Demo-Dozer Removable Floor features:

1) Removable Side Plates

2) Recessed Grease Zerks

3) Tool Receivers: 

       * 2 Receivers in the 60, 66 inch

       * 4 Receivers in the 72,78, 84 inch

4) Two Chain Hooks and Pins

5) Hoses, Couplers